Est. 1868 • Celebrating 150 years!
Est. 1868 • Celebrating 150 years!
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About the Home

The Aged Woman’s Home of Georgetown (the Home) is a historic residence for senior citizens who are physically capable of independent living (meeting the ADL and IADL standards) but are not financially able to support themselves in the DC community. The Home provides the emotional support, companionship, security, and the benefits of group living.

The Home offers, free of charge, a private room with basic necessities: a bed including linens, dresser, chair, table, small refrigerator, and induction cooker for cooking. Guests share bathroom and laundry facilities. Guests are expected to comply with all rules of the Home. They must be able to climb stairs, prepare simple meals, keep their rooms neat and clean, do their own laundry, and maintain personal cleanliness and hygiene.

No regular meals are provided at the Home. Throughout the year parties, picnics, and special holiday dinners are given by the Board of Directors. Interested community groups also donate gifts and food.

A lovely brick path leads to a private garden behind the Home.

The common areas of the Home are available for all guests, including the use of a telephone, the parlors, porch, patio, and the gardens. Three Guest rooms share a bath and the entire house shares laundry facilities. Each room is a private room. A cleaning service cleans Guest rooms on a regular schedule. The Home’s Administrator, a social worker, manages the Home on a day-to-day basis and looks after the well-being of the Guests. The Home is staffed seven days a week with a social worker. No nursing care is allowed.

Guests are expected to support themselves with whatever public or private funds are available to them. The Home has no financial obligation to the Guests.

Application to the Aged Woman’s Home is by personal referral with a written application form. After references are checked, the applicant is interviewed by members of the Admissions Committee. All applicants are required to have a complete physical exam by a physician. The evaluation of the applicant’s ability to function in this environment is given thoughtful consideration. The Board of Directors gives final consideration to the application. In order to remain in the Home, Guests must continually comply with all rules and other requirements set forth by the Board of Directors and the Administrator.