Est. 1868 • Celebrating 150 years!
Est. 1868 • Celebrating 150 years!
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Admission is by application.

The initial contact between a potential Guest and the Aged Woman’s Home will be with the Administrator, who will record the pertinent information in a log and mail an application packet. The Administrator reviews the application form, and if complete, she will schedule an appointment with the applicant for an interview and tour of the Home. If the applicant is working with a caseworker, the caseworker is strongly encouraged to fully participate with the client’s admissions process.

If approved by the Administrator, the applicant will undergo a medical examination by a physician. The Home will provide a form and self-addressed return envelope for the doctor’s use in reporting to the Administrator. The Administrator will also request that the applicant undergo a psychiatric evaluation by a mental health professional.

The Administrator will make a recommendation to the Board on the applicant’s admission. Following the Board’s decision, the Administrator will inform the applicant of the decision. Upon acceptance, the administrator will meet with the new Guest to facilitate her transition to the Aged Woman’s Home of Georgetown.