Est. 1868 • Celebrating 150 years!
Est. 1868 • Celebrating 150 years!
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We are happy to report that here at the Quiet Place we call Home, DC’s atrociously muggy weather has finally abated. June, July, and August of 2021 were quite the Hades-like-slog, but one of our intrepid Guests (DJ) managed a Houdini-like escape. She “flew the coop” as they say in the vernacular, to visit a childhood friend in San Francisco. The West Coast has heat and humidity too, especially this year, but the sweltering is somewhat mitigated by spectacular views and, even on foggy days, by some of the best coffee on the planet.

One of the wonderful things about The Aged Woman’s Home is that our Guests, unburdened by a lack of funds for housing, as there is no charge to live at the Home, can do a few of the things the rest of us do as a matter of course—travel a bit, have dinner out once in a while, or catch a movie,  without breaking the bank. Here, in DJ’s own words, is a short rendition of her trip gallivanting in The City by the Bay:

This August, I had a truly fabulous vacation in San Francisco. Dr. Pam, my childhood best friend, and her husband, just finished the renovation of their home, and we cooked many delicious dinners there. She has developed a lovely garden with a variety of roses, including the Julia Child rose, as well as lemon and plum trees.  Our focus was gardens, as we went on a tour of the Arboretum, Fioli Gardens where Dynasty was filmed, and some neighborhood gardens.  All is so lush!  The vegetation in California is truly amazing.  We visited art museums, and at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, I saw a breathtaking Diego Rivera mural, the Pan American Unity Mural. The DeYoung Museum at Golden Gate Park had an exhibition on Pompeii and a wonderful collection of 19th-century paintings.

Of course, a trip to their favorite winery, where they enjoyed wine tasting, made the vacation complete.