Est. 1868 • Celebrating 150 years!
Est. 1868 • Celebrating 150 years!
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As we approach the winter holidays, the Home is bustling.  We have holiday events scheduled at the Home—our annual tree trimming and decorating party with the Town and Country Garden Club.  There will be changes among our Guests as well—two Guests who have been at the Home for 6 years are departing: one Guest now requires an assisted living situation; the other Guest is moving to a town in Pennsylvania to establish her own home because she received a small inheritance and the Home’s support. We will miss both of them as they begin the next stage in their lives. We have welcomed another new Guest and look forward to watching her become part of our community.

All of the Home’s renovation work is in its final stages which will further the Home’s mission—to assist elderly, indigent women to live quality and dignified lives in the community. The Home, since its 1868 inception, has held to this same mission, providing housing at no cost to our Guests. The women, whose 2018 incomes are often less than $400/month, have many needs beyond their basic housing. They must provide their own food, medical, dental, vision care, transportation, clothing, and personal items. Guests provide their own phone and television. For most of our Guests, it is a struggle to make ends meet despite their rent-free, furnished room. The above personal expenses, that also include eyeglasses, hearing aids, and haircuts, are an extravagance they can’t afford without help.

Guests at the Home are fortunate as the District of Columbia, community organizations, local churches, and social service agencies around the city provide wonderful events, food service outreach, and assistance for seniors. But the cost of housing across the region continues to rise, requiring the Home to continue its mission to provide housing for senior women in need for years to come.

The Board of Directors will be mailing their holiday card that includes a request for your donation to either the Home’s restoration efforts or the personal needs of our Guests. Please consider joining us in our mission to house our elderly women in dignity. If you prefer, please go online to to make a donation for the Guests or the restoration.