Est. 1868 • Celebrating 150 years!
Est. 1868 • Celebrating 150 years!
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Two of our long-time Board members, Carol Pulizzi and Nancy Peterson, announced their retirements. Carol retired this past fall and served as President and Treasurer of the Home for many years. Her Board tenure followed in the footsteps of her Great Aunt, Clara Bachschmid, who served on the Home’s Board from 1925 to 1981. Carol was an avid gardener and was also a member of the Town and Country Garden Club. The Club, since 1957, has planted the Home’s garden and decorated it for the holiday season. For holiday dinners Carol could be counted on to bring her famous sauerkraut dish, her wit, and tales of her many trips to Italy.

We asked Nancy Peterson to let us know, in her own words, some of her experiences as a member of the Board.

“The year was 1915 when the first Board of Directors at the Aged Woman’s Home of Georgetown came into existence. I have been a Board member since 1986 after a friend introduced me to the Aged Woman’s Home.  When I first visited the Home, I was in awe of its magnificent federal-style exterior, built in 1756. Upon going inside, I was amazed again at the well-preserved interior.

Being offered a position on the Board has been an exciting, worthwhile volunteer experience.  Over the years, at various times, I have held the position of secretary. I have had the fortunate experience of meeting, talking with, and attending Home functions with the Guests.  They have been cordial and much appreciative of being able to live in a home for the needy without sufficient funds to support themselves in the Georgetown community. The Home has been an important part of the Georgetown community in the past, present, and will continue to be so in the future.

It has been gratifying to serve on the Board as a volunteer for 34 years, now approaching retirement. The time spent with the Guests and other Board members has been a memorable experience. Just knowing that I have helped those less fortunate has been most rewarding!”

We will miss both Carol and Nancy and wish them well.