Est. 1868 • Celebrating 150 years!
Est. 1868 • Celebrating 150 years!
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Photo of a variety of daffodils and tulips at a garden in Washington, DC.

The Aged Woman’s Home of Georgetown is just about to enter its 154th spring, and we cannot wait! Soon, redbuds will be flowering, cherry blossoms blooming, and later, May’s amazing peonies and azaleas will burst forth. We are already seeing a few crocuses, and any day we expect a visit from members of the daffodil family. We love it when their yellow heads begin popping out in flower beds all over town—it is always the same, and it is always lovely.

We highly doubt that those who originally dedicated the historic 1756 Lutz Home for the specific purpose of giving a dignified home, free of charge, to independent, senior women of limited-economic means could have envisioned the present scene: Electric street lights, noisy oversized cars crowding the town’s former carriage roads, a plethora of confounding parking signs, the almost complete lack of horses and stables except for some park police on horseback, and the ever-evolving businesses plying their trade along the Wisconsin Avenue corridor.

Who would have guessed, back in February of 1868, that in February of 2022, the Home would still be in the same location and still continuing the mission of those original founders? Along the way, the street name changed from High Street to Wisconsin Avenue, the front door went from street level to many steps above the sidewalk, two additions were added, heating evolved from small fireplaces to a big boiler and radiators, and the age of admission rose from 55 to 62. Twenty-eight presidents and 29 first ladies have come and gone while The Aged Woman’s Home has served women in need through parts of three centuries. Our commitment is strong and enduring.

In February we welcomed our newest Guest, Pamela.  Originally from the Norfolk, Virginia area, Pamela has lived in DC for most of her life. Referred by Housing Counseling Services, she has successfully transitioned to the independent-living Home, appointed her room in a lovely manner, and reports she was “honored to be accepted to the Home.” She states she feels “infinitely less stress” now that she has stable housing and is “happy to be a part of the Home’s legacy.” Pamela is excited to now have time and resources “to devote to her love of teaching crafting skills, as well as the culture and appreciation of the same.” We are glad Pamela has found her new Home with us, as our mission to provide support and housing to women in need continues into the spring of 2022, and for years to come.